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Swimming Pool and Marine Paint
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Acrylic Water-Based Pool Paints

Acrylic Water-Based Pool Paints

Acrylic Pool Paint

Acrylic swimming pool paints are water based and clean up with soap and water. They offer the highest coverage per gallon and can topcoat virtually all types of coatings and damp surfaces that traditional solvent based paints like chlorinated and synthetic rubbers do not.

  • Acrylic Pool Paints are Self-priming - no primer needed!
  • Perfect solution for damp surfaces .
  • Two coats cure to a gloss finish.
  • Can topcoat pools already painted with epoxy or chlorinated rubber paints. Not to be used on fiberglass surfaces, spas or slides.
  • Clean up with soap and water.
  • Excellent solution when short down-time is critical.
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Ramuc Type DS Water-Based Acrylic
SKU: RPP-9101
Ramuc Type DS Water-Based Acrylic
RAMUC water-based acrylic pool and deck paints offer tremendous advantages over solvent-based paints. They can be applied to damp surfaces and applied to virtually any prepared paint surface with water and soap clean up.
$112.99 $94.95

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Ramuc Pool Paint

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