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Swimming Pool and Marine Paint
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Preparation and Cleanup Supplies

The Marine and Pool Paint Warehouse offers everything you need to prepare your pool prior to painting. Scroll down to view the products available.
  • Prior to painting, you can fill any minor cracks with the Ramuc Durathane Sealant.
  • To clean your pool prior to painting, you can purchase the Pool Surface Preparation Kit from National or the Clean and Prep Solution from Ramuc.
  • For high traffic areas, such as pool steps and decks, be sure to use the non-skid additive.
  • Use solvents and thinners to clean up solvent based paints, such as epoxy and chlorinated rubber paints.
Non-Skid Additives Pool Surface Preparation
Paint Remover Thinners & Dewaxers
Caulks & Concrete Sealers
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Etching Cleaner Concentrate - GALLON
SKU: LG-695G
Etching Cleaner Concentrate - GALLON
Etching Cleaner is used to remove corrosion and contaminates in preparation for the application of swimming pool paints. It is an effective pre-paint cleaning and etching solution.

Muriatic Acid / TSP Kit for Pool and Deck Painting Preparation
SKU: NPF-2601
Muriatic Acid / TSP Kit for Pool and Deck Painting Preparation
Surface Preparation Kit has everything you need to prepare your pool or concrete deck for painting. Includes ACID MAGIC, TSP, SCRUB BRUSH, GLOVES. Covers 250 Square Feet per kit. Significantly reduces toxic and corrosive fumes.

Non-Slip Paint Additive Quart
SKU: NPF-3M907
Non-Slip Paint Additive Quart
Add the Non-Slip paint additive to pool paint to ensure a non-slip surface on pool steps, pool floor or any slippery area in your swimming pool.

Ramuc Skid-Tex Non-Skid Additive Case of 4
SKU: RPP-9222
Ramuc Skid-Tex Non-Skid Additive Case of 4
This non-skid additive creates a slip-resistant surface on concrete decks and pool surfaces. It can be used with all Pool Paints. Recommended use is one pound per one gallon of paint or broadcast as needed on first coat of paint.
$59.80 $49.95

Ramuc Swimming Pool Clean and Prep Solution
SKU: RPP-9306000001k
Ramuc Swimming Pool Clean and Prep Solution
Ramuc Clean and Prep Solution Cleans and Prepares surfaces for proper adhesion prior to painting. TURNS TRADITIONAL 3-STEP PROCESS OF TSP/MURIATIC ACID/TSP INTO A 1-STEP PROCESS!
$145.98 $119.90

Seal-It! Concrete Sealer and Waterproofer
SKU: TS-104
Seal-It! Concrete Sealer and Waterproofer
If you're having problems using paint on your concrete surfaces due to a high water table, then Seal-It! is the product for you! It seals and waterproofs surfaces permanently and cleans and etches concrete and masonry surfaces.
$59.95 $46.95

Vulkem 116 Polyurethane Sealant
SKU: RPP-504
Vulkem 116 Polyurethane Sealant
Vulkem 116 Polyurethane Sealant is a premium gun-grade, moisture-cured, one-component polyurethane sealant, designed to repair small cracks or fill seams or joints on concrete, metal, glass, or wood. Price is for a case of 4 10oz. tubes. Can withstand imm
$62.95 $49.95

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