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Swimming Pool and Marine Paint
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Marine Paint

Marine Paint

Whether you are a private boat owner or a professional painter, our line of marine paints will be perfect for your next boat painting project. We offer a full line of boat bottom paints, including ablatives and epoxy paints, topside enamels, boat deck finishes, paint for buoys and flotation devices and cleanup and preparation materials.

Trust your yacht, sport fishing boat, sailboat or racing boat to the line Practical Sailor rated "EXCELLENT" and "BEST BUY".

Boat Bottom Paint

Boat Bottom Paint
We offer a full line of quality boat bottom paints for the do-it-yourselfer or professional. Boat bottom paints offer protection against barnacles, slime, grass & algae on boat bottoms.

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Boat Topside Paint

Boat Topside Paint
Our marine topside enamels, urethanes and finishes give you a hard protective coating for super high gloss, color retention, and long durability for all marine applications. It's like wrapping your boat in glass!

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Marine Primers & Repair

Marine Primers and Marine Repair ProductsBlue Water Marine Paint primers and repair products can be used to prepare the boat surface or repair damage to the boat surface, such as gouges, pitting and dents, before painting.

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Boat Deck Paints & Finishes

Boat Deck Paints and Boat Wood FinishesOur paints and finishes for boat decks seal and protect wood from sun, wind and salt damage. They beautify and protect expensive hard woods from the harsh elements of the marine environment.

View Boat Deck Paint Products

Paint for Buoys & Flotation Devices

Paint for Buoys and Floation DevicesOur Buoy Enamel paint is designed for use on PVC buoys and flotation material. It has excellent adhesion and durability when applied to vinyl surfaces and is available in many bright, attractive colors.

View Buoy & Flotation Device Paint

Marine Thinners & Cleaners

Marine Thinners, Dewaxers and CleanersOur Paint Reducers, Solvents, Dewaxers, Thinners and Cleaners are perfect for preparing your boat prior to painting and for thinning paint in hot weather. Great for cleanup of painting supplies as well.

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Marine Topside Paint Marine Bottom Paint
Cleaners & Thinners Marine Primers & Boat Repair
Boat Deck Finishes Paint for Buoys & Flotation Devices
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Uraglow Fast Evaportaing Reducer
Uraglow Fast Evaportaing Reducer
Uraglow Fast Evaporating Reducer will speed up the paint film dry to provide adequate dry times and dust-free times.

Uraglow Gold 2-Part Professional Topside Polyester Urethane
SKU: UE3000
Uraglow Gold 2-Part Professional Topside Polyester Urethane
URAGLOW GOLD is a technically advanced, two-component (3:1 mix ratio) marine topside polyester urethane which gives a hard protective coating for super high gloss, color retention, and long durability.

Uraglow Marine Epoxy Primer & Converter
SKU: BWUE1000/1001
Uraglow Marine Epoxy Primer & Converter
Uraglow Epoxy Primer and Converter is a two component epoxy primer with corrosion and adhesion properties for fiberglass, steel, aluminum and wood substrates. Also used to seal filler primers, and fairing work before applying topcoats.

Uraglow Standard Reducer
Uraglow Standard Reducer
Standard Reducer will keep the paint film open but evaporate fast enough to provide adequate dry times. Used for all primer, topcoats and clears, and can be blended as needed with each other in any ratio to fine tune flow and evaporation rates.

Uraglow Surface Cleaner
Uraglow Surface Cleaner
Surface Cleaner is used before & after sanding, and between applications of primers, fillers, and topcoats. Removes moisture from the surface, which can cause a gloss finish to come out flat. Also removes waxes, oil, and greases.

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